INTERCOM (VOIP) - SIL provides advanced intercom systems for residential, commercial, and all institutions. We design, install and maintain VOIP in addition to training on how to operate and backup the system. The intercom systems are capable of being connected directly to an organization’s existing data network and offers great flexibility in the way that intercom systems can be installed and modified. IP Connected intercom stations are well suited for use in large areas and environments that includes offsite buildings.

The IP System can be connected over various networks and calls can be made through the system even when outdoors. The exchange intercom system includes: -
· Multiple Conversations at the same time
· Route calls to specific stations based on time of day
· Calls forwarded if station is busy or calls go unanswered
· Can interface with security management systems
·Programmed and controlled using a computer
·Option for Videoconferencing

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